Premiere: 30. 11. 2017,
Divadlo P. O. Hviezdoslava, Bratislava, Slovakia

The show D U A L is the result of cooperation between choreographer and dancer K. Brestovanská / 16 and musician M. Kosorín / Zoo And Aquarium.

The show is based on research. By means of research we created and tuned musical instruments – wooden containers with piezoelectric sensors attached. The device is sensing material vibrations from the dancer’s moves in the container and his strikes at the container. The movement and the body of the dancer make the containers sound and bring us into an imaginary world of sound and light.

People living side by side, each in their own world. A self-oriented relationship that is overwhelmed by own thoughts and/or by inner virtual processes. Parameters that draws attention away from living of the relationship. Who has more power to perform? Who can offer value for the relationship? And are we able, at all? D U A L is about relationship and sound, relationship between sounds, vibrating the relationship, usurping the relationship… A vivid concert of sounds and bodies.

A poem from the book Lucent by Zuzana Husárová is presented during the show. 

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Press cuts: Wounded by anxiety – interview with Katarína Brestovanská

Supported by using public funding SLOVAK ARTS COUNCIL.


Theme, direction: Katarína Brestovanská
Sound: Martin Kosorín
Light design: Ints Plavnieks, Martin Kosorín
Costumes:Erika Daxnerová, Jana Adamcová
Objects: Dana Kleinert, Oliver Kleinert
Dance: Edita Antalová, Lukáš Bobalík
Production: Katarína Zjavková
Media set: Marianna Lutková