Premiere: 28. 11. 2018, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia

A balladic folk tale narrated using the language of contemporary dance and theatre. The art work presents decoded abstract symbols of growing teenage/siblings’ masculinity and feminity, their separation, and attempted redefinition.

The viewers perceive the processes reflected in their relationship. In real life, these symbols can be observed in different progressive and/or regressive forms, in our adult life. Depending on the extend, to which they are suppressed, processed, supported, and articulated. Sibling relationship we experience, and the circumstances under which it develops, influence the choosing of partners in our future relationships.

The stage production is based on Slovak folk tale `Brother Deer` collected by Pavol Dobšinský. At the same time, we have been fascinated by Béla Bartók’s wide creative work. We used musical compositions dedicated to children, collection of Slovak folk songs, and selection of classic pieces captivatingly arranged by Jano Kružliak who added special flavour. Unique performers Zuzana Burianová and Lukáš Bobalík were soaking up, processing, mixing, and twisting the subject and thus developing a new charm.

“Fairy tales should not only help children to fall asleep, but moreover awakens adults.“ Milan Rúfus

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Supported by using public funding SLOVAK ARTS COUNCIL.


Scenár a réžia: Katarína Brestovanská
Psychologický výklad: Dušan Fabián, therapist
Výskum: Daniel Raček, Zuzana Burianová, Lukáš Bobalík
Účinkujú Zuzana Burianová, Lukáš Bobalík
Hudba: Ján Kružliak authorial and experimental arrangements from selected pieces from Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 1, Microcosmos – 146. Ostinato, collection of Slovak folk songs
Skript editor: Janka Smokoňová
Tanečný vedúci: Andrej Petrovič
Dizajn kostýmov: Jana Gavalcová, Petra Kovácsová, Terézia Šišková
Svetelný dizajn: Oliver Kleinert, Peter Brestovanský, Martin Seker
Hudobný set up: Lukáš Zdurienčík
Produkcia: Katja Thallerová
Marketing: Noemi Kirkwood , House of Ukulele
Média set: Marianna Lutková
Foto: Noro Knap