1. 7. 2020 and still ongoing

The dancer’s and musician’s residences are a study of musical compositions in the context of movement, performance and interpretation in contemporary dance.

In the selection of specific musical compositions – for the dance art of the key composer Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto for harpsichord / piano and chamber orchestra No.1 in D minor BWV 1052 and Chaconne from violin Partita no. 2 d minor BWV 1004 adapted for solo piano by Feruccio Busoni, will view and analyze graphic recording, formal and compositional parameters, interpretive principles and aesthetics, which the composer has outlined in these works in order to transfer these procedures to the movement score and articulate them in physical terms.

Katarína Brestovanská / dancer and Kamil Mihalov / pianist start this process after experiences from regular artistic overlaps into the “spheres of the other”. Kamil has long been involved in the field of contemporary dance and movement theater, Katarína Brestovanská studied piano for 14 years and continues to develop in this area. Her dance and performative works are created in close connection between the musical and movement score, which together create an organic structure.

At the same time, this year marks 270 years since Bach’s death. Even in this form, artists want to recall the complexity and timelessness of his work. His music continues to massively influence the context of contemporary dance, which inspires them to think together not only about possibilities but also over limits.

Team / Katarína Brestovanská, Kamil Mihalov, Jana Smokoňová
Production / Nový Priestor o.z. Katja Thalerová 

The deliverable from the first research with Kamil Mihalov:
Musical Work and its Expansion into Dance Performance

Supported by using public funding Art Council Slovakia.
Main partner of project Art Council Slovakia.
With financial support: Nadácia Cvernovka, BRDS.
Partner of the project: Rezidenčné centrum Telocvičňa.