19. OCT

Church Klarisky,

The performance CODES OF BACH, combines the Baroque music and contemporary dance. It originates from Concerto D minor — BWV 1052, composition for harpsichord and string orchestra, by the Baroque composer J. S. Bach. Read more ->

All inclusive 1052 prototype

5. NOV

Quartier Am Hafen,
Cologne, Germany

The work-in-progress presentation “All inclusive 1052” is a prototype for the polyphonic leading of voices – dancing bodies in relation to the particular composition of J.S Bach’s – Concerto D minor. This time it is a solo in which Katarína Brestovanská (choreographer and dancer in one person) will capture some of the principles of the score of J. S. Bach, and translates them into the dancer’s body. Read more ->

Musical composition…

– 2022

Žďár nad Sázavou, Praha, Germany,
Bratislava, Iceland

Musical composition and possibilities of it’s rooming into dance and performance
The dancer’s and musician’s residences are a study of musical compositions in the context of movement, performance and interpretation in contemporary dance. Read more ->

We participate in residences in different places. The result will be a new performance for you. If you want to stay informed, follow us on facebook or instagram.